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From the urban cities, rural towns, and bayous of Louisiana, the offspring of this great state were dispatched to converge upon the Nation’s Capital to pursue our personal, educational, and professional goals taking along with us the spirit of our native home. As Louisiana natives, we have transversed with us the cultural traditions and influences unique to our state unlike any other in America. Our food, music, arts, religion, and communal fellowship are the core values that differentiate us and invite others to experience our essence of life.

For this reason, the Krewe of Pyros was established to promote and present Annual Mardi Gras festivities and social events for natives of Louisiana residing in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area and the greater community. The Krewe of Pyros’ mission is to provide representation of Louisiana cultural arts through unity, charity, and celebration. These characteristics symbolize the organization’s community outreach initiatives aligned with our motto: “Illuminating the Path to Empowerment!”

The Krewe name “Pyros” is the Greek term for Fire. In our culture, the word “Fire” or “Fiyah”is associated with characteristics describing the passion, excitement, and energetic spirit of our culture and heritage. The Krewe of Pyros is extending the cultural pipeline from Louisiana to our Nation’s Capital Washington, D.C. to infuse the authentic influences of Mardi Gras unfamiliar to those residing outside of Louisiana.

We invite you to experience the Krewe of Pyros as we are “Bringin’ Dat Fiyah!”

Krewe Colors: Crimson, Gold, Orange, and Black


The Krewe of Pyros was established January 2016 by Louisiana natives Drenica Brunson, Delicia Gunn, and Joseph “JC” Walker. The Founder and Founding Members reconciled the social desire to provide local Louisiana natives a formal Mardi Gras Carnival Ball and social events as accustomed to our native hometowns. 





JC Walker is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. He’s a graduate of O.P. Walker High School. JC is currently enrolled at American Military University majoring in Government Security. He works as a Senior Security Advisor for the Joint Chief of Staff at the Pentagon. He is a member of the Long Ash Cigar Club, and a Board Member of the Louisiana Network, Inc.. He is the Founder of the Krewe of Pyros. JC also has a passion for our troubled youth and has an uncanny ability to encourage them to strive for their very best. In his past time, he enjoys DJing and travelling the country extensively with his wife.


Drenica Brunson is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s a graduate of McDonough #35 High School. Drenica completed undergraduate studies from Howard University and her Master’s degree from University of Maryland University College. Drenica has been an Information Technology professional for over 25 years. She is one of the Founders of the Louisiana Network and a founding member of the Krewe of Pyros. Her in past time Drenica enjoys spending time with her family; working with youth by cultivating their talents; and fulfilling her passion for music ministry. 


Delicia Gunn is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and a graduate of Howard University's School of Engineering.  As a mechanical engineer, Delicia founded Indigo Engineering Group in 2004 and currently serves as the firm's President/CEO.  Delicia serves on the Board of H Street Main Street and is a member of Women In Infrastructure.  Delicia is Founding President of Howard University College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences Alumni Network and a founding member of the Krewe of Pyros.  In her spare time, Delicia enjoys traveling, reading, volunteering as a parent lacrosse coach and volunteering at local food pantries.

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